Latest update from CSD on Planting Seed Supply

14 October, 2016

Planting is now well underway in many areas, with reports that in spite of the cooler mornings, the crop seems to... Read More


Current Update from CSD on Planting Seed Supply

29 September, 2016

With planting now commencing across some regions and rain still falling, the cotton season has begun in... Read More


Further update: Cotton planting seed supply from CSD

19 September, 2016

Further to our last two messages on planting seed supply, further rain has fallen, particularly on the Darling... Read More


An Important update from CSD on Planting Seed Supply

12 September, 2016

Due to the rainfall event over the weekend, even more growers are now contemplating dryland / raingrown cotton,... Read More


An Important Note from CSD on Planting Seed Supply

05 September, 2016

There are good water volumes in the southern dams and big inflows happening (and about to happen) in the more... Read More