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VIBRANCE® Complete is a broad-spectrum fungicide seed treatment package, containing 5 active ingredients. VIBRANCE® Complete was jointly developed in Australia by Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors under the FASTSTART® research and development program

CRUISER® 600FS is a second generation Neonicotinoid insecticide, containing 600 g/L Thiamethoxam, delivered as a flowable concentrate seed treatment and used to control a broad range of sucking, chewing and soil-dwelling pests, including thrips, aphids and wireworms in cotton.

Genero 600FS Flowable Seed Dressing Insecticide from eChem (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Product codes

Short product codes will at times be used on CSD documents such as invoices. The codes are shown in the following table.

Genero (V2G) Genero (VG)
Cruiser (V2C) Cruiser (VC)
Cruiser Extreme (V2X) Cruiser Extreme (VX)