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The disease ranks provided by CSD are assigned using an industry developed protocol that provides a quantitative measure of the relative resistance or susceptibility of cotton varieties to Verticillium wilt (V.rank) and Fusarium wilt (F.rank). All varieties are ranked on a non-linear scale from 0 (completely susceptible) to 200 (immune) depending on their level of resistance compared to a standard that is assigned a rank of 100 (V.rank = Sicala V2, F.rank = Sicot 189). The disease ranks for current varieties are provided in the graphs below. The number following the variety name represents the disease rank and the number in brackets is the number of trials that have contributed to this ranking. I larger number of trial comparisons provides a more accurate rank.

Verticillium resistance rankings (V.ranks)



Fusarium resistance rankings (F.ranks)



V.Ranks updated – 26.02.2024

F.Ranks updated – 11.06.2024