Seed Lubricant and Anti-Static Agent by Precision Seeding Solutions

Synchrony 746, a customised seed lubricant and anti-static agent developed for Australian farmers by Precision Seeding Solutions to aid the effectiveness of the planting operation and improve the uniformity of seed placement.

Synchrony 746 is the result of a joint development initiative by Precision Seeding Solutions and CSD. The product has been developed and extensively tested with a range of planting speeds and planter plates using precision vacuum meters.

Ease of application and low use rates combine to make Synchrony 746 a very convenient, effective and economical product for operators to use during the busy planting season.

Some trial results

In both laboratory and field tests carried out by CSD there has been an improvement in seed drop and uniformity.

On a MeterMax® Ultra test stand, the addition of lubricant improved seed uniformity by 7%.

No Lubricant Synchrony 746
Seed Uniformity 85% 92%

A trial was conducted under field conditions examining standard John Deere plate and e-sets seed plates. Across both seed plate types the seed flow within the planter box was improved, this led to improved plant seed singularity and establishment, additionally seed placement uniformity was improved creating a more uniform plant population with the addition of Synchrony 746.

Improvement in plant establishment/m Improvement in establishment uniformity
E-Sets 22% 34%
JD Standard 9% 47%

As well as achieving a desired plant population, achieving a uniform plant distribution is also critical in cotton growing. With both seed plate types, the use of Synchrony 746 resulted in more plants at the target plant spacing and also a tighter distribution of distances between established cotton plants than with the nil treated seed. The Synchrony 746 treated seed produced less doubles as well as minimising larger gaps in the plant line.

Benefits of Synchrony 746

  • Improved seed flow through planter.
  • Improved uniformity of seed placement.
  • Better seed singulation with less gaps and double-ups.
  • Can be used on all types of planters.
  • More consistent crop establishment.
  • Improved plant stand and plant population.
  • Convenient and easy to use for operators.
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