Variety Seeds per kilogram
Core Varieties Sicot 714B3F 9,770
Sicot 711RRF 9,830
Sicot 812RRF 9,870
Staple Varieties Sicot 746B3F 11,430
Sicot 748B3F 11,295
Sicot 707B3F 9,410
Sicot 606B3F 11,365#
Niche Varieties Sicot 754B3F 12,050
Sicot 620 11,290
Siokra 250 12,040

** Note: Based on preliminary data as at 23 June 2021.

• As further data for this years seed comes to hand it will be updated here. • These average seed sizes are for seed available this season. They are averages and there can be some variation within a variety. • Please note that seeds per kilogram may vary by approximately 10% from the average between seedlots. • Actual seeds per kilogram are calculated on AUS Lots as they are produced.
# Indicative only.
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