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CRUISER® 600FS is a second generation Neonicotinoid insecticide, containing 600 g/L Thiamethoxam, delivered as a flowable concentrate seed treatment and used to control a broad range of sucking, chewing and soil-dwelling pests, including thrips, aphids and wireworms in cotton. In higher pest pressure environments, CRUISER® Extreme is applied at double the rate of CRUISER® 600FS and offers prolonged, robust insect protection from planting through to stand establishment.

The significant benefits of the CRUISER® insecticide seed treatment range include;

  • Robust, lasting protection against establishment insect pests including aphids, thrips and wireworm
  • Convenient, professionally applied seed treatment that limits planting downtime related to refilling, calibration or clogged boxes
  • Reduced replant risk due to early season insect attack
  • Every bag contributes to the FASTSTART® R&D program, working towards improved cotton establishment