Each year Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd (CSD) undertakes a Seed Increase Program (SIP) to ensure the provision of high quality varieties for the Australian Cotton Industry. CSD utilises an internationally recognised seed certification scheme that limits the number of generations that can be produced from the seed provided to CSD by the Breeder. This scheme maintains the genetic purity of each variety as described by the breeder and ensures that cotton planting seed supplied by CSD is true to type for each individual variety.

Around June/July of each year CSD will commence development of the SIP for the coming season. Growers are invited to indicate their willingness to participate in the SIP by completing an expression of interest form. The form can be accessed through the link on this page. The link will be active during the application period, normally from June to August each year.

CSD looks to work with Growers who have an excellent track record in cotton seed or cotton production, exhibit a high degree of attention to detail and who can offer production fields and can generally meet the following conditions;

  • New or fallow fields from the previous summer,
  • Good overall farm hygiene standards,
  • Fully irrigated fields with sufficient water for the seed crop,
  • Offer adequate flood protection,
  • Where required, growers are able to establish and comply with the Technology User Agreement (TUA) of third parties such as Bayer CropScience or Monsanto,
  • Fields are accessible by CSD Staff, and
  • The seed cotton produced from the seed crop to be ginned with a ginning organization and at a location co-operating with the CSD SIP.

To ensure genetic purity there will be a range of crop seed inspections and equipment clean downs during the life of the seed crop. For instance planters will be cleaned and inspected prior to sowing. Also CSD Staff will inspect the seed crop a number of times, applying CSD’s Quality Assurance program to ensure the genetic and trait purity of the seed produced from the seed crop. Growers will also be required to provide some management information on the seed crop from time to time.

To recognise Growers for their efforts in producing quality seed crops, CSD provide management incentives. These incentives reflect a commercial return, relative to the costs and management required for growing seed crops. CSD pays co-operating growers an Area Premium on the area of established seed crop and a Seed Premium for the fuzzy seed produced from the seed crop.

Further detailed information is provided during the application process.

Application forms

Damian Edwards
Seed Increase Manager

Brendan Hatton
Regulatory Compliance Officer

Tom O'Connor
Seed Increase Field Officer