Newly created role, Commercial Research Manager appointed at Cotton Seed Distributors

13 December, 2021

Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd. (CSD) has appointed Dr Mike Bange as the company’s new created role of Commercial Research Manager.

In announcing the appointment, CSD General Manager – Growth and Development, James Quinn said, “Mike brings a wealth of cotton physiology, experimentation and research administration experience with him. Through a long association with the CSIRO as part of cotton research at ACRI located between Narrabri and Wee Waa and recently as a Senior Research Manager with the GRDC”

Mike joins CSD’s Growth and Development team, which are focused on not only delivering quality cotton seed, but also agronomic and research information to assist cotton growers achieve optimum outcomes. As Commercial Research Manager, Mike will contribute to CSD research effort and direction as well as develop a new research initiative for CSD in line with CSD’s 2025 strategic vision and beyond. 

“Mike is highly regarded across the cotton industry both within and outside Australia, for his dedication to cotton agronomy and physiology and willingness to engage industry.” said James.

“His cotton research experience will be a great asset to CSD, enabling us to better service the Australian cotton industry. I also see Mike working across the entire CSD Growth and Development Team of CSD assisting in further improving our Seed Increase, Extension and Digital and Data programs and initiatives”

Dr Mike Bange commenced as Commercial Research Manager on 1 December, 2021.