James Quinn, General Manager - Growth & Development

Cotton Seed Distributors appoints new General Manager

12 February, 2021

Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd. (CSD) has appointed James Quinn as the company’s new General Manager – Growth and Development. 

In announcing the appointment, CSD Managing Director, Peter Graham said, “James brings a wealth of experience to the role, including 15 years at CSD, most recently as the Marketing, Development and Extension Lead.”

“In his 25-year career in the cotton industry, James has played an active role in applied research, extension and delivery; and is widely respected for his focus on using research to inform grower productivity.”

 “James’ appointment will play a critical role in supporting CSD’s continual growth strategy and driving our leadership position in the Australian cotton industry,” said Peter.

CSD recently embarked on a new Strategic Plan with a vision of ‘Growing the Australian cotton crop through innovative solutions beyond seed’. Across six strategic focus areas, the Strategic Plan lays out a blueprint for the next five years, and sets the foundation for the long-term future of the organisation. 

“In particular, we’re focused on further expanding our research and development program; and leveraging opportunities to create value through our data and digital platforms,” said Peter.

CSD has also recently appointed a number of new operational staff at its Wee Waa seed production facilities.

 “Seven new employees have already commenced at CSD in 2021, filling roles left vacant during the drought. CSD has a strong focus on succession planning, to ensure that we have a skilled and experienced workforce, ready to meet the challenges of the future,” said Peter.

James Quinn will commence as General Manager – Growth and Development on 1 March, 2021. 

About CSD:

CSD embarked on a $92 million infrastructure redevelopment project in 2017 – the largest ever non-mining development in the Narrabri shire. Officially opened in 2018, the new facilities now have the capacity to supply the Australian cotton industry with cotton planting seed for up to one million hectares of dryland and irrigated cotton in any one season. 

Since then, the company has purchased, fitted and commissioned innovative molecular testing platforms in the new Quality & Research Centre, ensuring CSD is well positioned with cutting edge technology. 

Recently, the CSD Board of Directors approved Stage II of the redevelopment project – a further $15.7 million to upgrade and modernise the equipment and processes in the nursery plant.  

CSD will engage a number of contractors during the installation and commissioning phase of this project, bringing further benefit to the local economy. Stage II is expected to be completed and operational by the end of 2021.

With operations based in Wee Waa, NSW and Dalby, QLD; CSD’s primary objective is to deliver locally adapted, high yielding and high quality cotton varieties supported by strong extension activities to help growers extract the best value from these varieties.