Bulk planting seed availability - 2017/18 season

13 June, 2017 News

In response to interest from growers, CSD are exploring options to sensibly supply seed in packages significantly larger than 20kg.

This season, CSD is offering a limited pilot program to interested growers in order to investigate the logistical, management and safety aspects of supplying large volumes of seed. Through this program, CSD will be working closely with participating resellers and growers to gather feedback after planting, in order to better understand the systems used for future development.

The pilot program details
• Seed purchased as part of the pilot program will be supplied in non-returnable 800kg bulk bags (common fertiliser type), on a standard non-returnable CSD wooden pallet.
• There will be a limited early order run of the larger size bags. Exact varieties and treatments will be determined based on interest in the program.
• Pricing will remain the same as early order 20kg bag pricing.
• Seed will be dispatched to your CSD agent as soon as it passes Quality Assurance.

Important information
Systems using augers cannot be used, as this can cause mechanical damage to the seed which may impact germination rates. If more than gravity movement is required, only belt, cup and blown air conveying systems can be used.

CSD are continuing to investigate returnable packaging options that meet the industry’s disease control and quality assurance standards. Returning seed containers that have been on farm significantly increases the risk of introducing diseases such as Fusarium wilt into our processing facility, putting all growers at risk. We are, however, exploring as many different options as possible.

If you have further queries or are interested in participating in the pilot program, please contact your local CSD E&D Agronomist.