Boll weights and boll factors

23 February, 2018

As most crops are now at cut-out, and bolls begin to open, thoughts begin to turn towards yield potential. Boll factors are one way to estimate yield potential, but they can also be notoriously misleading. This season, we saw a diverse range of...

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Last irrigation and defoliation date

16 February, 2018

The prime objective of the last irrigation is to ensure that boll maturity is completed. Crops that come under stress prior to defoliation (60% bolls open or 4 (boll carrying) Nodes Above (last) Cracked Boll) (NACB), can suffer some fibre...

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Verticillium wilt

08 February, 2018

After some much needed rain last week, the associated front also brought a cool change which saw temperatures plummet. The CSD Extension & Development (E&D) team are expecting physical symptoms of Verticillium wilt to become obvious in...

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CSD Ambassador Network - What the dryland crop looks like so far

26 January, 2018

This season is the first where there has been ample data to conduct an analysis of the CSDAmbassador Network dryland crop program, and how these crops are set up into the flowering period. The data contained in the following analysis is...

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