Segmented picking – how is it done and what does it tell us?

28 April, 2020

At this time of the season, the CSD Extension & Development Team are busy doing their final assessments on variety trial and Ambassador fields. We’re sometimes asked what exactly this entails and how is the data useful? The final ‘End of Season’ assessment measures height, nodes,...

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A showcase of innovation and collaboration at CSD Field Day

04 March, 2020

Despite the good rainfall making a field visit impossible, another highly successful field day was hosted by CSD and the Lower Namoi Cotton Growers Association this year. With full profiles of moisture, the cotton outlook for next year has raised enthusiasm in the industry. Around 100 growers,...

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Cut-out at demonstrations sites in the South Burnett and Fraser Coast

18 February, 2020

What is cut-out, and why is it important? Cut-out and flowering to the top are often confused as the same growth stage. At cut-out there are still many potential squares to be developed, and the timing of cut-out is often used as a gauge of the fruiting window and yield potential. Flowering...

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The impact on final yield of the first fruiting branch position

22 January, 2020

Due to a staggered start to planting in some areas this cotton season there have been wide variations in the position of the first fruiting branch (FFB) on cotton plants. There have been reports of the FFB being on up to the 11th node, due to delays with issues like the length of time to pre...

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Using trial data to help make tough decisions

29 November, 2019

While most regions are down on area this season due to the prolonged drought, we are ‘one day closer to it breaking’. Many growers have fields ready to go when we get good rain in November and December. We also know how quickly some of our major dams can fill, as seen in 2012 and 2016. While...

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A shout out to our trial co-operators

23 October, 2019

With planting well underway, the 2019-20 cotton season has officially kicked off in most growing valleys across Australia. As with most of the Eastern seaboard, cotton growers are facing limited water resources this season, meaning that most growers have had to cut their planting areas...

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Soil temperature mapping to guide cotton sowing

03 October, 2019

Sowing and establishment is a critical time in cotton production, so simple rules based on soil temperatures and air temperature forecasts have been developed to help guide growers with the decision making. However, in some areas the soil temperature sensor network used to inform cotton sowing...

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Planting kicks off for Central Queensland cotton

16 September, 2019

Planting started on the 7th of August in Central Queensland this season. With a cold change in mid-August and soil temperature falling below 14°C at planting, watering was stopped until conditions improved. In previous seasons, the early planted crops in particular have been quite successful,...

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Treat, test and dispatch - how CSD’s seed supply process works

19 August, 2019

The Australian cotton industry is continuing to expand and evolve, with the 2018-19 season seeing cotton planted from the NSW/VIC border, right through to Central Queensland and in pockets of far Northern QLD, NT and WA. The extended planting window means that cotton seed is being ordered and...

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CSD launches new website

31 July, 2019

After a year-long upgrade and review process, CSD has launched a new website, enabling growers, advisors and industry participants to access information, tools and reports quicker and more easily than ever before. The new website features a streamlined, modern design, improved functionality...

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A northern cotton industry update

27 June, 2019

In most of the cotton valleys across eastern Australia, the 2018-19 cotton season is all but wound up. The vast majority of fields have been picked, mulched and all kinds of ground work have been done in preparation for either a winter crop, or a fallow until the next crop goes in the ground....

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2019 CSD Cotton Management Tour - options in a dry year

17 May, 2019

The 2019 CSD Cotton Management Tour (CMT) is on its way again. This year the CSD Extension & Development (E&D) team kick off in Emerald on the 12th of June and then head south in July. With the current dry conditions the CMT will have a focus on growing cotton under dry/limited water...

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