The impact of flood damage on cotton crops in the Gwydir

26 April, 2021

In late March, the Gwydir and Mehi rivers experienced major flooding which significantly affected cotton crops around the Moree area and downstream. Close to 200mm of rainfall fell over three days onto soils that were already near full moisture capacity, which resulted in a rapid increase in...

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CSD Field Day a success in 2021

05 March, 2021

 COVID-19 has made social gatherings challenging in the past 12 months and has placed restrictions around people getting together and transferring and extending information. This has not stopped the enthusiasm across the cotton industry and this year CSD’s Field Day hosted around 90 people,...

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Developing a new cotton variety for the Australian cotton industry

23 February, 2021

CSIRO and Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) have been working together since 1971, with over 116 varieties released to the Australian market. In 2007, CSIRO and CSD formed Cotton Breeding Australia (CBA), which is a joint venture with a targeted research to facilitate the research and development...

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Strong establishment sets dryland crops up for success on the Downs

23 February, 2021

Establishment is one of the most important factors in getting a cotton crop off to a good start and achieving uniformity across the field.  Darling Downs dryland cotton grower, John ‘Cowboy’ Cameron is well known for his finely tuned approach to establishment, even winning the FastStartTM...

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A steady start to the season

26 November, 2020

With 2020 seeming to be the year for everything to go wrong, one positive is the widespread rainfall seen across the majority of NSW and one of the biggest winter crops in years currently being harvested. However, the cool conditions during the majority of October has led to increased pest and...

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R&D beyond the seed

26 October, 2020

 Research and Development (R&D) at CSD extends beyond planting seed into issues growers face throughout the cotton production season – whether it be disease, management or plant physiology related. The types of trials in our program are heavily influenced by current issues in the industry,...

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2020-21 cotton season underway in Central Queensland

21 September, 2020

This season, planting started in the first week of August for growers in Central Queensland. The forecasted area for the region is 7,500 hectares, which will be planted in the first planting window. The majority of early planted cotton has been dry sown with an irrigation to follow, with the...

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From the farm to the lab and back to the farm again

31 August, 2020

CSD has a commitment to quality which is focused on the needs of the Australian cotton grower. To meet this commitment CSD produces and tests all seed to internationally accepted protocols (such as the OECD Seed Scheme and International Seed Testing Association/Association of Official Seed...

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Opportunities and challenges for cotton, ahead of the 2020-21 season

09 July, 2020

Cotton production 2020-21 The global cotton crop is forecast to fall by 2.8%, driven by an anticipated fall in the price of cotton. Reduction of the cotton price is due to a combination of cotton mill interruptions during 2020, coupled with low oil prices and competition from synthetic fibre....

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An update on cotton production across Northern Australia

29 June, 2020

As picking draws to a close in many of Australia’s traditional cotton growing regions and the smallest crop on record is being processed through the cotton gins, many are keenly watching as the ever expanding industry in Northern Australia begins to defoliate and pickers roll into fields...

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CSD offers free carryover planting seed retest service

25 May, 2020

While it is still some time away, preparation for the 2020-21 cotton season begins with the review of inputs, including cotton seed. For some growers, the 2019-20 season may have been smaller than originally planned and as a result, they may have carry over seed stored for a future...

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Segmented picking – how is it done and what does it tell us?

28 April, 2020

At this time of the season, the CSD Extension & Development Team are busy doing their final assessments on variety trial and Ambassador fields. We’re sometimes asked what exactly this entails and how is the data useful? The final ‘End of Season’ assessment measures height, nodes,...

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