The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Cotton Seed Distributors Limited will be held on Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 10:00am. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s AGM will be very different.

To comply with CSD’s Constitution as well as satisfy Australian Government COVID-19 restrictions, a quorum of five members will attend the AGM in person with the meeting videoed and placed onto CSD’s website. The five members present will approve the 2019 AGM minutes. All voting for the 2020 AGM will be by proxy. Any questions regarding the 2019-20 Annual report should be submitted on the form provided. This will be the first AGM in CSD’s 53 year history where members will be unable to attend in person and we hope it is the last.

Members are invited to participate in the AGM by completing a Proxy Form and/or a Question Form available on this page. A copy of the 2019-20 Annual report is also available on this page. To be valid, Proxy forms must be received at the company’s registered office (i.e. “Shenstone” Wee Waa) by 10.00am Monday 15th June 2020. Question forms must be received by 10.00am Tuesday 9 June 2020. Emailing of forms is acceptable.

Under Clause 5.2 (c) of the Constitution, a Member can only carry a Proxy for a maximum of three (3) members. The Chairman can carry a Proxy for an unlimited number of members. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and members being unable to attend the AGM, it will be impractical for a member to nominate anyone but the Chairman to carry their proxy. A member can ensure the Chairman votes according to their wishes by stipulating how they want their vote cast on the Proxy form.

At the closure of nominations for the two available Director positions, Ms Juanita Hamparsum and Mr Tony Quigley have nominated for re-election. Mr Ron Greentree has nominated for election. As the number of nominees is greater than the two vacant positions, an election will be necessary. Below are copies of the Critiques of each member seeking election.

Director critiques