Roundup Ready Flex®

Sicot 812RRF is a specialist variety for dryland and limited water production systems.

Sicot 812RRF is a full season variety exhibiting normal seed vigour, compact growth habit, and medium boll size. This variety shows some tolerance to both Verticillium and Fusarium wilt and is immune to current races of Bacterial blight.

Sicot 812RRF has very robust fibre quality attributes, particularly fibre length but its yield is outclassed under favourable growing conditions.

Growth and Management

Production type Dryland
Leaf shape Normal
Seed per kilo 10,070
Seed colour Violet
Maturity Full
Seedling vigour Normal
Growth habit Intermediate
Boll size Medium

Fibre Quality

Gin turnout 41.0%
Length 1.23
Strength 31.0
Micronaire 4.3
Uniformity 82.3

Disease Resistance

Bacterial blight Highly resistant
Verticillium wilt 101(1)
Fusarium wilt 113(4)