Roundup Ready Flex®

Sicot 75RRF is a full season variety suited to most production regions. It is the recommended choice for fully irrigated production and can be grown as a refuge for B3F.

Sicot 75RRF is a full season variety exhibiting low seed density requiring appropriate care at planting time. This variety has good tolerance to Fusarium but should not be planted in fields with significant Verticillium pressure. It is immune to current races of Bacterial blight.

Sicot 75RRF has demonstrated good yield potential in both irrigated and dryland trials – particularly in full season regions.

Growth and Management

Production type Irrigated, Dryland
Leaf shape Normal
Seed per kilo 11,440
Seed colour Violet
Maturity Full
Seedling vigour Low Density
Growth habit Intermediate
Boll size Medium

Fibre Quality

Gin turnout 43.0%
Length 1.19
Strength 31.0
Micronaire 4.6
Uniformity 83.5

Disease Resistance

Bacterial blight Highly resistant
Verticillium wilt 68(2)
Fusarium wilt 121(4)