CSD 50th - The Beginning

06 April, 2017

A video presented at CSD’s 50th celebration night about the beginning of CSD.

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Growth Management Guide

21 December, 2015

Bob Ford provides a practical guide to whether your crop requires growth management.

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49th CSD Annual General Meeting

27 July, 2015

49th CSD Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 16th June, 2015 at the Crossing Theatre,... Read More

Random CSD TV's

Planting at 'Cudgildool' Moree
30 September, 2009
2007/08 Disease Survey
02 July, 2008
NSW District Update
07 December, 2009
Seed Treatments and Resistance
04 September, 2009
Dryland Insect Control Costs
22 August, 2008

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