Cruiser® from Syngenta is a second generation Neonicotinoid insecticide containing 600 g/L Thiamethoxam as a flowable concentrate for seed treatment.

Thiamethoxam is highly active against soil-dwelling beetle larvae and early leaf feeding and sucking insects such as thrips and aphids.
The primary mode of action is ingestation. Target pests show symptoms 15 to 30 minutes after uptake and stop feeding. When applied as a seed treatment, a secondary crop protection benefit is obtained from contact/ repellent action in the drilling zone.
Cruiser® exhibits excellent crop tolerance. Numerous trials in major cotton markets indicate the following benefits;
• No delay in seed germination
• Uniform and rapid crop emergence; and
• Strong vigour of seedlings and young plants

Cruiser’s favourable water solubility makes it a robust product which performs well under difficult environmental conditions.

The benefits of Cruiser’s higher moisture solubility are:
• Cruiser® is less dependant on soil moisture for activation (in the case of rapidly drying soil after planting or dryland cotton);
• Cruiser® allows for the formation of a treatment ‘halo’ around the seed, protecting the seed against soil pests;
• Rapid uptake and translocation to all parts of the seedling; and
• Complete systemic protection against pests that feed on the hypocotyl and cotelydons.