Bayer and Cotton Seed Distributors

Peridiam is a high quality seed coating that has been developed by Bayer and Cotton Seed Distributors. Peridiam benefits include:

• Improved adhesiveness, coverage and uniformity of insecticide and fungicide seed treatments.
• Less blocking of the monitors due to dust, and improved flow rate of seed.
• Easy identification of seed in the soil.
• Less dust in the bag, in the planter box, and when handling the seed.
• More seed treatment (insecticides, fungicides) product stays on the seed, not in the bag.

• Peridiam Blue for Bollgard II® Roundup Ready Flex®
• Peridiam Red for Bollgard II® Liberty Link®
• Peridiam Violet for Roundup Ready Flex®
• Peridiam Gold for Liberty Link®
• Peridiam Silver for Conventional