Cruiser® Extreme


New Cruiser Extreme seed treatment makes in-furrow granular insecticides a thing of the past. Its control of sucking and soil-dwelling pests is comparable with in-furrow granulars – and it offers all the convenience, flexibility and OH&S benefits of advanced seed treatment technology.

Extreme protection
Cruiser Extreme controls a broad range of sucking, chewing and soil-dwelling pests, including thrips, aphids and wireworms, from germination right through to stand establishment.

Extreme convenience
Cruiser Extreme is a convenient seed treatment. There’s no need for special equipment, calibration or refilling – and no worries about operator safety.

Extreme performance
Cruiser Extreme is seven times more soluble than other neonicotinoid compounds, optimising absorption and translocation under a wide range of growing conditions.

Extreme flexibility
Cruiser Extreme provides maximum flexibility for your management program. It poses minimal hazard to beneficial species that do not feed on seedlings, making it ideal for use in IPM programs.

Extreme crop safety
Cruiser Extreme is compatible with other industry standard seed treatments, such as Dynasty Complete, to provide complete protection against disease and insect pests and reduce the risk of replanting.