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21/04/18 (05:30pm)
Planting Forecast What's this?

52 DD

Poor / Caution

• Planting can begin when temperatures reach 14°C at 8 am for three consecutive days.
• Planting can begin when there is a rising plain of temperature forecasted above 14°C for the next 7 days.
Interpreting the Planting Forecast

The planting forecast guide provides an indication of the potential day degree accumulation based upon the proceeding 7 day forecast.

< 30 DD Very Poor
< 60 DD Poor / Caution Warrants caution as a delay in emergence is likely and may impact upon germination percentages and/or exacerbate seedling disease or soil insect attack. Management intervention is encouraged.
61 - 80 DD Adequate Considered adequate however ensure other planting parameters and conditions are ideal. Cotton will likely take greater than 7 days to emerge.
> 81 DD Good In excess of 81 DD is considered as the requirement for ideal germination and emergence.

This is a guide only to assist growers and consultants of conditions and enable adjustments to planting rates to compensate if the need requires, it is not intended as a accurate tool as it is based on third party temperature forecast and should be utilised solely as a guide to refine the decision making process.
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Maximum 27.2°C 26.6°C 26.9°C 23.9°C 25.1°C 25.7°C 26.9°C
Minimum 14.2°C 11.9°C 12.5°C 13.4°C 13.1°C 13.2°C 11.9°C