Pointers on cotton cut-out techniques

05 February, 2003

___The availability of limited water may impact on the traditional use of Pix to cut-out cotton crops this season._

CSIRO Program Leader, Dr Greg Constable, said stress to the plant from running out of water will definitely substitute for Pix in some cases, but each field will be different and require separate assessment.

Speaking on a recent (29/01/03) CSD Web on Wednesday video, Dr Constable said that where crops are quite vegetative, the application of Pix may be beneficial, but it may also be possible to achieve a similar effect by stretching final irrigation intervals.

If it is desired to restrict vegetative growth in an effort to save water, then applications of Pix should occur at first flowering, rather than at cut-out, Dr Constable said..

“There is no black and white answer for every circumstance, but cut-out applications of Pix have some quite favourable commercial experience, and obviously if you take the definition of cut-out to its extreme, you can’t do anything bad by the crop by applying growth regulator at that time.

“The worst you can do is waste the money being spent on it. Technically, if it’s past cut-out, you can’t do anything to the crop,” Dr Constable said.

Further Information: *Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald