Narrabri cotton yield exceeds five bales/acre

03 December, 2002

___Two adjacent cotton fields at Narrabri, have produced yields exceeding five bales to the acre from crops of the CSD variety Sicot 289i._

Paul Collier, manager of Yarral/Midgee at Narrabri has produced a ginned yield of 5.25 bales to the acre in one field, and the adjacent field is also yielding well over 5 bales.

Mr Collier attributes the high yields to a combination of variety, management and the season.

Pictured: Paul Collier, manager Yarral/Midgee at Narrabri, with CSD trials agronomist Jo Towers, enjoying an infrequent experience: a walk in a 5 bale to the acre plus crop.

The 5.25 bale crop was grown in a field that had grown cotton for more than 20 years, while the adjacent field, with some sections exceeding 6 bales to the acre, is a new field.

The Sicot 289i crop in this field was so good that older JD 9960 pickers could not handle picking and had to be parked in the tail drain while more modern machinery harvested the crop.

__CSD extension and development agronomist, Rob Eveleigh, said the season after December had been almost perfect for the crop.

“The season gave it the potential, and management, nitrogen, water and a variety with high yield prospects, including its Ingard attributes, allowed the crop to achieve that potential,” he said.

Further Information: Robert Eveleigh, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald