CSD's bulk planting seed pilot program – update

18 September, 2017


800kg bags of cotton planting seed, ready for dispatch once they have passed our Quality Assurance testing.

Earlier this year, CSD announced plans to offer a limited pilot program to growers interested in purchasing cotton seed in large volumes, ahead of the 2017/18 season.

Expressions of interest in the program are now closed, and CSD are pleased to report a high level of interest from growers. Approximately 100 tonnes of seed has been ordered through the pilot program, consisting of one variety (Sicot 746B3F) but multiple treatment options.

CSD will continue to work closely with participating growers and agents to investigate the logistical, management and safety considerations required in the handling of bulk volumes. If you have ordered seed through the pilot program, your local Extension & Development (E&D) Agronomist will be contacting you soon for feedback.