Current Update from CSD on Planting Seed Supply

29 September, 2016


With planting now commencing across some regions and rain still falling, the cotton season has begun in earnest.

Our treatment plant has now largely caught up with seed orders already placed with us. We are holding some floor stock on selected varieties which are available for immediate order. The lead time for new orders of stock not on the floor is approximately 10-14 days.

Seed dispatch is fully booked ahead for several days, however, limited slots are available for later next week.

Key Information
• While Sicot 746B3F is almost fully sold out, we are holding good stocks of Sicot 714B3F and Sicot 748B3F.
• Remaining stock of Genero® (Imidacloprid) is only available in variety Sicot 714B3F (DI), however excellent stocks of Cruiser® are on hand.
• Please contact your local CSD Agent to place your order.

We will continue to produce seed for late-plant/replant and we urge growers to carefully consider the conditions they are planting into. For more information contact your local Extension and Development agronomist.

CSD’s Soil Temperature Network and Cotton Field Weather Network stations are scattered throughout the cotton growing regions and are providing real-time detailed information to assist growers.