Further update: Cotton planting seed supply from CSD

19 September, 2016


Further to our last two messages on planting seed supply, further rain has fallen, particularly on the Darling Downs and southern Queensland. As of this morning, CSD has been receiving significant new orders from these areas.

Current seed orders are now nearly double the June planting intentions and as a result, cotton planting seed supply has tightened. Stocks of Sicot 746B3F are becoming tight, however reasonable stocks of Sicot 748B3F and Sicot 714B3F remain.

CSD also holds reserve stocks of Sicot 74BRF and Sicot 71BRF, should there be further unprecedented demand. Please note the availability of these reserve lines is dependant on them passing our minimum quality assurance standards. It is important to note that these two reserve BRF lines have different refuge requirements to the B3F lines.

The CSD plant is still producing seed against back orders, meaning that any new order will become available from mid to late October at the earliest.

Given the current rainfall event and inflows, we strongly urge all growers to contact their preferred CSD Agent soonest (if they have not done so already) to place their seed orders now to ensure that CSD can supply planting seed in a timely manner.