An Important update from CSD on Planting Seed Supply

12 September, 2016


Due to the rainfall event over the weekend, even more growers are now contemplating dryland / raingrown cotton, with some who have not grown cotton for many years coming back from sorghum for this year’s summer crop. In addition, there seems to be substantial rainfall forecast over the next week.

We have now produced a significant volume of seed against orders already placed, and these are currently coming out of QA, ready for delivery. Our plant is now producing seed against back orders with any new orders arriving from our agents likely to be produced and available for delivery during October.

As per previous years, we will be producing a volume of seed to have on hand for the dryland market. The timing of the availability will depend on the firm orders we receive. As per previous years, the treatment options for this seed will likely be limited.

If you have not contacted your CSD Agent and placed orders yet, we strongly urge you to do so now to ensure timely supply of your planting seed requirements.