Storm rains prompt dryland Bollgard® II cotton planting

03 December, 2002

___The first ever commercial size planting of Bollgard® cotton in a dryland situation has taken place on the Darling Downs following late storm rains._

Cotton Seed Distributors extension and development agronomist at Dalby, Craig McDonald, said a demonstration area of 20 hectares had been planted in dryland strips up to two kilometres in length.

Pictured Right: Rob Town plants his Dalby dryland field with CSD Bollgard® II cotton

“Rob Town of Rumaro Partnership just north of Dalby received 59mm of rain in a storm in the early hours of November 15, prompting a quick decision to plant two CSD Bollgard® II varieties on a solid configuration on long-fallowed land.

“Rob is hoping for good follow-up rain after emergence, and light early insect pressure, to help get the crop established quickly. He also has larger areas of conventional and Ingard cotton varieties planted,” Craig McDonald said.

CSD and Monsanto will continue to monitor the progress and performance of the Bollgard® dryland crop, in what will be a good opportunity to assess its performance.

Further Information: *Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald