High yields feature in Macintyre cotton awards

03 December, 2002

___High crop yields were a major feature of the Irrigated Field Section of the Macintyre Valley Cotton Competition, announced last weekend._

First prize was awarded to Mark Norman (Pictured left) of Rogate Farms, who grew a field of Sicot 70 to yield 4.27 bales to the acre.

Cam and Mary Jane Turner produced 4.2 bales to the acre from a crop of Sicot 289i to gain second prize, while third prize went to Brian and Julie Duddy, also with a crop of 289i, which went 4.12 bales to the acre.

__The winner of the Dryland Award, Charles (Pictured right) and Mary Ann Clark, also grew a CSD variety, Siokra V-16i, which went 1.2 bales to the acre. Second prize in the dryland section went to Hugh and Jill Gloster, while Bowie and Minnie Taylor won third prize.

__The prestigious Macintyre Valley “Farm of the Year” Award went to Alex Sullivan (Pictured left with manager Brian Worgan), “Mullala, for the second successive year, while the runners up were Peter Cross, “Yambocully” and Simon Corish, “Wolonga”.

__The “Service to Industry Award” was shared by two pioneering consultants (pictured right), Michael Castor, who arrived in the Goondiwindi area in the early 1980s, and Iain Macpherson, who has been president of the CCA for the past two years.

Further Information: Robert Eveleigh, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald