Cotton Sucking Pest Alert - Green Mirid

03 December, 2002

___Seasonal conditions have proved attractive to Green Mirids, an important early to mid-season sucking pest of cotton._

The CSD extension and development team says Green Mirids can cause localised leaf damage, plant deformity, wilting of young plants, shedding of squares and boll damage.

In severe cases, crop maturity can also be delayed, and yield and fibre quality reduced.

In conventional cotton, Green Mirids are suppressed by insecticides targetted at heliothis, but in Ingard crops reduced early spraying can lead to higher Green Mirid concentrations.

__CSD, in conjunction with Dr Moazzem Khan from QDPI at Kingaroy, has prepared an explanatory brochure summarising the life cycle, impact and important pre-crop, in-crop and post-crop management of Green Mirids.

_See FAQ – The Green Mirid.
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