New Cotton Varieties For 2007

05 July, 2007

Australian cotton growers will have access to a wide range of new cotton varieties for the upcoming 2007-08 season.

CSIRO plant breeder, Dr Greg Constable, said a suite of new varieties will include Liberty Link®, Roundup Ready Flex®, Bollgard II®/ Roundup Ready Flex®, and a new Pima and conventional variety.

Speaking on the weekly CSD Web on Wednesday video, Dr Constable said there would be a limited release of a Sicot 70 Bollgard II/ Roundup Ready Flex variety with fibre length substantially longer than 71BR, slightly lower micronaire, and an improved Fusarium ranking.

“It has a similar yield to 71BR and is widely adapted as shown in trials from Hillston to Emerald and out as far as Bourke, as well as further to the East. It has been very consistent across all those areas.

“The new conventional variety is Sicot 75 which provides a better combination of fibre quality and disease resistance with a yield equal to Sicot 71, although our long term average is nearly 2 per cent higher. It has substantially increased fibre length and also a substantial increase in Fusarium resistance.

Dr Constable said Sicot 75 and Sicot 71 are also on the way as Bollgard II/ Roundup Ready Flex varieties.

“Sicot 71BRF has a slight increase in yield over the Sicot 71BR, longer fibre, better F-rank and slightly lower micronaire, so I expect that will be a mainstream product. It is ahead of the 75 BRF, giving us many options for the medium term.

“The Sipima 280 (CPX42) is now released and CSD has plenty of seed. It is a variety that has achieved our objectives of getting bacterial blight resistance into that species and it also has a very high F-rank and yield equal to the alternatives in fuller season areas.”

“We also have Liberty/ Bollgard II in our breeding programs; that is a stack of the Liberty trait with Bollgard II. It’s in the early stages of the program now so by 2009 or 2010 there could be some releases of that type and that provides a different method of managing weeds and managing Roundup Ready volunteers.

“We are continuing breeding conventional varieties because we believe there are still some discoveries and improvements to make. We are also very active with our biotech program in Canberra under Dr Danny Llewellyn, looking at biotech tools to make some of the breeding quicker and smarter, and we’re also investigating some other biotech traits in-house.”

Information on all these new CSIRO/CSD varieties is available in the 2007-08 CSD Variety Guide available from CSD by phoning 02 6795 0000.

Further information: David Kelly 0428 950 021