CSD Takes Initiative On Fusarium

03 December, 2002

Cotton Seed Distributors has revealed a comprehensive, exhaustive and extensive research program designed to reduce the incidence and spread of fusarium wilt.

__CSD chairman, John Grellman, outlined the program in CSD’s 35th annual report tabled at its annual general meeting in Wee Waa on May 15.

Mr Grellman said that under the guidance of the industry’s leading plant pathologist, Dr Steve Allen, a number of management procedures have been put in place.

· All seed increase areas are subject to exhaustive field and aerial inspections
· A comprehensive series of trials are underway to evaluate the efficacy of standard seed treatments in reducing or eliminating the disease
__· A seed rejection program has been implemented on farms that have developed fusarium, and those in close proximity to locations of known or suspect infection
· A comprehensive field trial program has been implemented in known fusarium affected locations, aimed at selection of more tolerant cultivars of both conventional and transgenic types.

Mr Grellman said CSD operated its seed treatment and cultivar research program in conjunction with both CSIRO and QDPI. Summer and winter crop rotation research is also conducted in liaison with NSW Agriculture.

Other CSD fusarium research programs are examining cultivation techniques; the role of gypsum; bio-fumigation; stubble incorporation and burning; chemical applications; and fumigation and biocontrol treatments under drip irrigation.

Mr Grellman said the CSD fusarium monitoring, prevention and control program was already paying dividends, with preliminary results from field trials showing a growing suite of both conventional and transgenic varieties recording better resistance ratings than benchmark varieties.

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