Growers Reassured on Cotton Seed Quality

03 December, 2002

Cotton Seed Distributors has announced that there are no limitations on the availability of major cotton seed varieties for the 2001-02 season.

This declaration applies to conventional, okra leaf, Ingard, Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready Ingard varieties, and covers all new varieties as well.

Addressing growers on the CSD annual information tour, which covered 15 centres from Emerald to Hillston, CSD chairman, John Grellman, said expenditure on plant upgrading and expansion gave CSD greater seed production and marketing flexibility.

“We now have the capacity to treat all the seed required for planting the entire Australian cotton crop in less than a month,” Mr Grellman said.

The efficiency and productivity of CSD’s seed processing facilities also gives growers greater flexibility in variety selection, with CSD early seed orders not required until July 26.

“This allows growers to thoroughly analyse their own ginning results from the previous crop; carefully consider seasonal, agronomic and marketing data; and review industry trial results, before committing to irrevocable seed orders,” Mr Grellman said. __

p. Pictured: John Grellman and Paul McVeigh at the CSD Information Tour meeting at Dalby. p. Further Information: *"Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald":showstaff.asp?staff=1