2001 Cotton Trade Show Success

03 December, 2002

Cotton Seed Distributors received a record number of inquiries about its new cotton varieties at the recent Cotton Trade Show at Moree.

Adam Kay, CSD General Manager, said interest was widespread, with visitors from all cotton growing regions.

About one-third of the 21 CSD varieties offered for the 2001-2002 season are new varieties, including five new conventional varieties, two new Ingard varieties, and one new Roundup Ready Ingard variety.

Mr Kay confirmed that growers would be able to take advantage of CSD’s early order discounts up until Thursday July 26, which is at least seven weeks away, hence there is no pressure on growers to make hasty seed order decisions.

“CSD is responding to grower requests for ample time to consider yield, gin turnout, micronaire, uniformity and other important fibre characteristics from the recent harvest, before they commit to variety requirements,” Mr Kay said.

“CSD is also mindful that projected seasonal conditions, soil moisture, water availability, paddock preparation, and likely weed, insect and disease threats, also play an important role in seed variety selection, and these may also be clearer by the end of July,” he said.

Growers attending the Trade Show welcomed the new CSD Variety Guide, which gives a background explanation to protocols behind new industry rankings for varietal resistance to fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt.

The Variety Guide also provides a colour-coded guide for each variety, signifying at a glance the suitability of individual varieties for each of the three growing regions: Hot-Central-Cool, based on growing degree days.

Of the four new conventional varieties available from CSD for 2001-02, two are for hotter season areas (Sicot 80 and Sicot 72), one is for mainstream areas (Sicot 70) and one is a specific short season variety (Siokra S-102).

Sicot 80 is recommended in areas where tolerance to fusarium, verticillium and alternaria is required, while Sicot 72 has good verticillium tolerance and reasonable tolerance to fusarium.

Sicot 70 is among the best for fusarium tolerance and also has good verticillium tolerance, while the major advantage of Siokra S-102 is its significant earliness, (5-6 days) without sacrificing yield.

Further Information: Robert Eveleigh, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald