First time for cotton at Goolgowi

25 October, 2004

___After almost 30 years as ricegrowers, the Fraser family at “Bundarra” Goolgowi, near Griffith in the Riverina, have switched to growing cotton._

Reduced irrigation allocations, coupled with the insatiable thirst for water of rice production, prompted the switch.

Irene and Ian Fraser have planted 115ha of Bollgard® II cotton on 30 inch row spacing under the guidance of Pat McGuiness from Cotton Growers Services at Hillston, who is consulting for the Frasers.

Three CSD varieties have been planted; Sicala V-3BR, Sicala 60BR and Sicala 40BR, which will give them an opportunity to look at these three new Bollgard® II Roundup Ready® lines.

Conditions have been ideal so far with around 15 plants per metre established from 18 seeds per metre planted. Warm soil conditions and adequate moisture levels have helped the crop to a very good start.

CSD extension and development agronomist at Narromine, Craig McDonald, whose territory also covers the Riverina, said the Fraser’s had done their homework before deciding on cotton, attending several field days, as well as the annual CSD information tour meeting held at Hillston.

“A key element in their decision was the availability of CSD Bollgard® II Roundup Ready varieties, with their potential to produce crops with top yields, but with minimal chemical inputs to control major predators and weeds.

“This new Bollgard® II technology is extremely important in the Riverina and other major cotton producing regions, where many cotton growers either run or are adjacent to mixed farming and grazing enterprises.

“This new technology provides a win-win situation, with significant benefits also to river catchments, the environment, ecosystems and local communities,” Craig McDonald said.

Pictured - Pat McGuiness, CGS Hillston and Ian Fraser ‘Bundarra’ Goolgowi

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