INGARD Cotton Performs

03 December, 2002

Reports from the Macintyre and Gwydir Valleys indicate that Ingard cotton crops are providing good protection against Heliothis this season.

__CSD extension and development agronomist based in Goondiwindi, Greg Kauter, said many Ingard crops in the two valleys had not needed treatment for Heliothis to mid-January.

Further west, in the Mungindi and St George areas, sprays for Heliothis had been minimal, ranging from zero to two.

Greg Kauter said these developments augured well for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) because they helped create a reserve of beneficial insects which ultimately can become effective predators and parasites of Heliothis and other insect pests.

He also noted that where growers had been forced to spray for Heliothis, some of the new generation of selective insecticides, had not only provided good control, but were also proving soft on beneficial insects.

Mr Kauter said that while caterpillars had been successfully controlled within Ingard cotton crops, these crops had required treatment for mirids and aphids, but Green Vegetable Bugs had not yet become troublesome.

Fortunately, he said, IPM techniques are available that selectively control mirids and aphids early in the season.

Mr Kauter said Ingard crops are exhibiting heavy fruit loads, with Sicot 289i and Siokra V16i in particular showing high retention, hence low requirement for growth regulators.

Given favourable weather, these crops will cut-out evenly, reducing the need for late season Heliothis treatment, leading to further cost-savings, and inhibiting selection for resistance.

Further Information: *"Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald":showstaff.asp?staff=1