Cotton industry researchers honoured

20 August, 2004

_____Two prominent scientists working within the Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Centre, Dr David Nehl (left) and Dr Peter Gregg (right), have been honoured in national Awards._

Dr Nehl, a research scientist with NSW Agriculture at Narrabri, was named ACGRA Researcher of the Year for 2003, while Dr Gregg was named ACGRA Researcher for the Year for 2004.

Both Awards, which are sponsored by Cotton Seed Distributors, were presented at a gala function at the Australian Cotton Growers Research Association Biennial Conference held on the Gold Coast.

Dr Nehl is a specialist in plant pathology, focusing on soil health and diseases that affect cotton crops by attacking their root system.

He has played a key role in research programs involving two key diseases of cotton: Black Root Rot and fusarium, where he is responsible for conducting annual disease surveys that monitor and track the incidence, development, intensity and impact of these important diseases.

__Dr Gregg, Associate Professor in Agronomy and Soil Science at the University of New England, has played a prominent role in cotton insect pest management, particularly in relation to biological control alternatives to insecticides.

This has led to commercialisation of MAGNET, a revolutionary integrated pest management tool that attracts and kills adult heliothis moths, significantly reducing the number of eggs and larvae in the cotton crop.

Dr Gregg has a long history in undergraduate and postgraduate education, and as a supervisor and mentor to student studying cotton science.

He is also joint Program Leader in the Cotton CRC’s important Innovative Technologies research rogram, which is examining alternative management tools to minimise dependence on disruptive pesticides; developing innovative solutions to pest, weed and disease problems; and experimenting with new tools to remediate and monitor environmental impacts.

Further Information: David Nehl 02 6799 1524 or Peter Gregg 02 6773 2665

Pictured: The CSD stand at the ACGRA Cotton Conference, which CSD has sponsored since 1973. CSD is currently sponsoring the ACGRA Researcher of the Year Awards.