CSIRO Cotton Plant Breeders Visit Narromine

05 April, 2004

___Two CSIRO cotton plant breeders from the Australian Cotton Research Institute at Narrabri have been visiting the Warren and Narromine regions inspecting the progress of a range of new cotton varieties, including Bollgard® II, Roundup Ready® and conventional lines._

The CSIRO breeding team, comprising Dr Greg Constable, Dr Warwick Stiller and Mr Peter Reid conducts an extensive research and trial program in most cotton growing regions in eastern Australia.

The aim of these activities is to breed cotton varieties adapted to the Australian and target international environments with improved yield, quality and disease and pest resistance.

A key element of the cotton breeding program is to expand the diversity of CSIRO germplasm by accessing material from breeding programs around the world, evaluating them for useful traits, and utilising those traits in the breeding program, to breed varieties better adapted to local conditions.

“Auscott” is the prime trial location at Warren, while “Quondong” has performed the same function at Narromine. “Quondong”, owned by Stuart and Francis Crawford, grows pure seed for Cotton Seed Distributors, along with its commercial cotton crops.

CSIRO plant breeders, Dr Stiller and Peter Reid, were very impressed with the progress of crops on Quondong, and have predicted exceptional yields from elite lines.

Further information: Warwick Stiller 02 6799 1584 or Peter Reid 02 68799 1515

Pictured: Peter Reid, Stuart Crawford and Warwick Stiller in a crop of Sicala 40 Roundup Ready® at Quondong Narromine.