Cotton picking draws near

26 March, 2004

___Cotton picking is fast approaching in northern NSW, despite recent rainfall._

Craig McDonald (pictured), CSD Extension and Development Agronomist based at Narromine, said defoliation is underway, with some earlier crops now having had their second application.

Picking in the Macquarie Valley will commence in early April. One of the earliest crops picked will be a pure seed crop of Sicala 40 Bollgard® II Roundup Ready® on Buddah Pty Ltd near Narromine.

The crop is a select line of the new Bollgard® II stacked varieties available next season from Cotton Seed Distributors.

Reports from dryland cotton areas in northern NSW indicate that some dryland crops will require up to three defoliations due to the recent wet weather causing regrowth.

The Darling Downs has generally missed the recent rain that caused bollrot and regrowth concerns in some of the major valleys, and is on track for a very good result from both dryland and irrigated areas.

Early indications of cotton fibre quality from this season’s crop in Central Queensland suggest it will be very good, despite rainfall in mid-January and early February. Recent fine weather there has allowed cotton picking to continue without interruption.

Warm conditions through March have helped crops finish, and many cotton growers are looking to pick the later fruit that has developed in the warm temperatures.

This should help maintain yields, Craig McDonald said, although growers will be anxiously watching the weather in the coming weeks.

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