Update on USA cotton conditions

01 October, 2003

___A mixed year is expected in US cotton production in terms of both yield and quality, and although some growers intend marketing early for cash, they expect prices to improve._

Seasonal conditions have varied from excellent to adverse, with a record crop and good quality promised in some regions and mediocre yields and mixed fibre quality in others.

One of the interesting developments for Australian growers was the strong demand for INGARD® Roundup Ready varieties, which were favoured above straight out INGARD® varieties, capturing about 80 per cent of Delta region plantings.

“There will be a fair amount of selling pressure in theNorthern Hemisphere Fall, simply because cotton farmers in the US have had a lot of financial problems in the last two years and they need some money.

“So if they have reasonable yields and reasonable prices, I think they will be merchandising a fair amount of their cotton just to get some cash in hand.

“But once we get over that initial hump, I am looking for prices to pick up,” said Will Letherman (pictured) from Tunica, Mississippi, who first grew cotton in Australia 21 years ago at Bourke in western NSW, in a year that the Darling failed to flow.

Further Information: *Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald