Roundup Ready® cotton pushes five-bale barrier

03 December, 2002


A seed crop of Roundup Ready® Sicala V-2RR on Federation Farm at Narrabri is expected to join the 5-bales to the acre club. Although the cotton has yet to be ginned, module numbers would indicate a yield of 5 bales/acre.

CSD agronomist, Rob Eveleigh, said picking contractor Rod Rees was most impressed with the crop, not only on its yield performance, but also how cleanly the crop picked.

“The crop was not sprayed with any pre-emergent herbicide, nor was it inter-row cultivated.

“Weed control was achieved by two over the top Roundup applications, one shielded spray of Roundup, and a layby of Diuron,” Rob Eveleigh said.

He said Roundup Ready® varieties were gaining momentum in all cotton growing regions, as growers became more familiar with managing the technology and observing and experiencing its benefits.

Further Information: Robert Eveleigh, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald

Pictured: Picking contractor Rod Rees in a 5-bale Sicala V-2RR (Roundup Ready®) crop at Narrabri.