Award for water use efficiency project

06 May, 2003

An Australian Cotton CRC and Queensland Department of Primary Industries cotton and grain water use efficiency project has taken out a major award in a State competition.

__Joint project leader and coordinator Dr Phil Goyne (pictured) of the DPI Agency for Food and Fibre Sciences, Hermitage Research Station, said his team had won the environment section of the Primary Industries Week Achievement Awards.

In making the award, judges said the cotton and grains adoption program “had increased the sustainability of irrigated cotton and grain production through improved water use efficiencies. The success of the project can be attributed to team members’ skills and methodologies.”

Dr Goyne said as a result of the project some irrigators were achieving up to 20 percent increases in water use efficiency, which was double the target rate. One area that had provided much of the efficiency gains was improved furrow irrigation. The efficiencies would be ongoing through the adoption of environmentally sound best management practices by irrigators.

Dr Goyne said a comprehensive report on the project would be finished in June. The project’s term had now been extended from June to December 2003.

__The project is part of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative, with DPI leading the cotton and grains program in partnership with Cotton Australia and AgForce.

Pictured Left: Steve Ginns (Emerald), Wayne Parr (Award Presenter – Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia), Dr Phil Goyne (Hermitage Research Station, Warwick), Sarah Hood (St.George), David Wigginton (Dalby),
Olivia Whiteoak (Goondiwindi), Andres Spragge (Dalby), Toni Anderson (Emerald).

Project team members are: Phil Goyne, joint leader and coordinator, Hermitage Research Station, Warwick; Geoff McIntyre, joint project leader, Dalby; Sarah Hood, irrigation development extension officer, St George; Olivia Whiteoak, irrigation development extension officer, Goondiwindi; Andres Spragge, technical officer, Dalby; Graham Harris, senior extension officer, Toowoomba; David Wigginton, irrigation development extension officer, Biloela; Steve Ginns, cotton extension officer, Emerald; and Toni Anderson, irrigation development extension officer, Emerald.

Further information
Dr Phil Goyne,Principal Research Scientist, Hermitage Research Station, Warwick Ph (07) 4661 2944
Ross Porter Regional Media Officer (07) 4688 1277