Record 5.8 bale Bollgard® II crop at Midkin

09 April, 2003

___An experimental Bollgard® II Roundup Ready® crop has provided the highest yield ever recorded at Auscott’s “Midkin” property west of Moree, yielding up to 5.8 bales to the acre._

CSD agronomist, Rob Eveleigh, who picked the trial, which will be ginned at Auscott’s Midkin gin, said the new variety, CSX 415, was developed by the CSIRO breeding team at Myall Vale, and is directly related to the popular Sicot 289rri variety.

“The cotton looked impressive, but until we put the pickers in the field we had no concept of what the yield would be, but after weighing each plot on site we estimated the yield to be between 5.3 and 5.8 bales to the acre depending on turn out, which is an incredible result,” Mr Eveleigh said.

Auscott Midkin agronomist, Tim Richards, monitored the crop all season, carefully scheduling the six irrigations applied, using objective measurement techniques, demonstrating the exceptional water use efficiency achieved by the Bollgard® crop.

Rob Eveleigh said Bollgard® II varieties will be commercially available next season, together with a comprehensive file of information accumulated via CSD’s extensive large-scale trial program covering all cotton growing areas.

He said this information would be explained in detail during the CSD annual information tour in June, and data would also be available on the CSD website.

Pictured: Picker operator Greg Hunt at Auscott Midkin struggles to fit the CSX 415 plot into his picker by shaking the basket.

Further Information: *"Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald":showstaff.asp?staff=1