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Picking of the Bollgard 3 trial on 'Ashwood', St George is underway

28 March, 2015

Early indications are that both lines being evaluated (CSX 10802B3F & 10803B3F) are... Read More

Classic example of it's not over for Sicot 74BRF

27 March, 2015

This field of Sicot 74BRF on Mimosa is a classic example of it is not over to the fat lady sings.

This... Read More

Crop competition fields in the Gwydir Valley

25 March, 2015

Looking at crop competition fields in the Gwydir Valley, first cab of the rank was an excellent Sicot 75BRF field... Read More

Premature senescence and verticillium wilt

20 March, 2015

There has been a lot of discussion about premature senescence and verticillium wilt which both have inflicted... Read More

Late planted dryland cotton looking very good

16 March, 2015

Taking a risk planting non Bollgard cotton in early December will pay off for growers east of Bellata.

The... Read More