Cotton Yarns

New product to help with plant uniformity

04 September, 2015

CSD in conjunction with Precision Seeding Solutions has a NEW... Read More

Seed Vigour Index to be replaced

04 September, 2015

This year CSD has moved away from providing a Seed Vigour Index (<span... Read More

Sicot 74BRF yields looking good at CSD Ambassador site

04 May, 2015

The CSD Ambassador site on ‘Keytah’ has now been picked. The Sicot 74BRF at... Read More

CSIRO BGIII screening trial picking underway

03 May, 2015

We started picking the CSIRO BGIII screening trial and... Read More

Dryland demonstration block

29 April, 2015

Yesterday was the day the Dryland demonstration block at Wallangra Station was picked. The proof is definitely in... Read More