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CSD Ambassador Network predicted to go over 14 b/ha

29 April, 2015

The CSD Ambassador Network site on “Morcott” has been picked which is... Read More

B/B Sicot 75BRF yielding well despite Fusarium history

24 April, 2015

Despite a long term Fusarium history, this B/B cotton field on Ian and Debbie Hayllor’s ‘Kensington... Read More

Exceptional Sicot 75BRF crop in the Gwydir

24 April, 2015

An excellent crop of Sicot 75BRF on “Sappa” grown by Sandy Bellfield, looking to be picked in the next... Read More

Picking on the Downs is ramping up

15 April, 2015

Picking on the Downs is ramping up. The roads are very busy with trucks, a big sorghum harvest also nearing its... Read More

71BRF early planted crop looking great

14 April, 2015

Inspecting a crop of 71BRF in Victoria for defoliation, early planted crop ready while late planted crop another... Read More