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Cotton of interest at AgQuip

16 September, 2015

Victorian grower sold after one visit, an irrigation farmer from Swan Hill will plant cotton for first time this... Read More

Major Bollgard 3 variety trial program this season

16 September, 2015

CSD is conducting its largest ever varietal trialling programs this season, the... Read More

CSD Ambassador Network conference

14 September, 2015

Cooperation, Collation, Collaboration, Communication.

Watching the Wallabies defeat the All Blacks was a... Read More

New product to help with plant uniformity

04 September, 2015

CSD in conjunction with Precision Seeding Solutions has a NEW... Read More

Seed Vigour Index to be replaced

04 September, 2015

This year CSD has moved away from providing a Seed Vigour Index (<span... Read More