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Dryland picking underway in the Namoi

09 April, 2015

Picking of dryland crops south of Gunnedah is well under way. The earliest pick I can remember in that part of the... Read More

Sicot 74BRF looks to yield excess of 4b/ha

07 April, 2015

Consultant Bradley Cogan has a fair bit to smile about this crop of Sicot 74BRF of Broughton Boydell’s just... Read More

Sicot 74BRF bounces back after tough start

07 April, 2015

This field of Sicot 74BRF planted after a couple of half inch falls in late September has really come home for Ed... Read More

Sicot 75RRF shaping up to be growers best yet

07 April, 2015

St George cotton grower Scott Armstrong believes that this season’s crop of the recently released Cotton... Read More

Picking of the Bollgard 3 trial on 'Ashwood', St George is underway

28 March, 2015

Early indications are that both lines being evaluated (CSX 10802B3F & 10803B3F) are... Read More