Cotton Yarns

Fertiliser planning for enhanced crop nutrition

06 November, 2018

Cotton requires a good supply of both macro and micro nutrients to produce high yields. Most soils require the... Read More

Pulling the trigger on dryland cotton

30 October, 2018

If there can be a positive to draw from a miserable winter cropping season, it’s that fallows are boundless and... Read More

Verticillium wilt management research

15 October, 2018

While most growers this season will have the opportunity to select fields with less Verticillium wilt disease... Read More

Proposed changes to 2,4-D label ahead of the 2018-19 season

26 September, 2018

Spring has sprung with some cotton in Central Queensland already out of the ground and planting beginning around... Read More

Cotton planting kicks off in Central Queensland

13 September, 2018

Planting started early again in Central Queensland this season, with many growers planting in August and a large... Read More