Cotton Yarns

Cotton Grower Associations and NT growers visit CSD

28 February, 2019

CSD recently hosted a group of representatives from Cotton Grower Associations from... Read More

‘Tis the field day season

25 February, 2019

February and March see the roll out of field days across the industry, with good attendance as well as a good mix... Read More

Boll weights and boll factors

25 February, 2019

As most crops are coming into cut out and bolls start to open, growers are beginning to think about yield... Read More

Using CottASSIST’s ‘LEFT’ tool to optimise the timing of cut out

17 January, 2019

Cut out is the point at which the crop ceases to produce new fruiting sites (squares). Later cut out means later... Read More

Considerations for finishing crops with limited water and identifying last effective flower

16 January, 2019

At the time of writing it remains hot and dry across most regions with some growers now contemplating decisions on... Read More