FastStart™ cotton program

24 September, 2015


Those familiar with cotton establishment realise that the crop is not known for rapid germination and early growth. The FastStart™ program is an integrated approach by CSD and Syngenta seeking to improve cotton performance in the establishment phase through to the first 50 days of growth.

In reality the FastStart™ project began several years ago with the introduction of a more efficacious fungicide – Dynasty and then Dynasty complete. However up to half of the establishment losses that still occur in cotton are due to fungal infection. There is still room for improved plant protection chemistry. FastStart™ will deliver this and more over the next few years.

We know a lot about what drives germination, establishment and early growth in cotton. To put all of this information together CSD and Syngenta put together the FastStart™ Cotton Establishment Guide. Good establishment and early growth begins well before the crop is planted. We have to prepare an environment for the seed that ensures rapid water imbibation and unobstructed emergence and root growth. Seed bed preparation and optimal temperatures drive the process.

The Faststart™ guide also covers plant nutrition, weed competition and 1st irrigation scheduling.

For further information or to obtain a copy of the FastStart™ Establishment Guide contact CSD or Syngenta.