Namoi Valley variety snapshot

22 June, 2018


Outstanding yields have been seen across many growing regions this season, but in particular around Warren in the Macquarie Valley. Yields in this area have been as good as the 2015-16 season with many growers averaging 15 bales per hectare with premium quality.

While there has been a mixture of varieties performing well, there has also been talk of Sicot 748B3F outperforming Sicot 746B3F this season. This could be the case on a regional basis, with this season being very dry and hot through summer, probably favouring the slightly more indeterminate varieties.

In saying that, if we look at the Namoi Valley, the CSD trial results suggest that both Sicot 748B3F and Sicot 746B3F are very close this season with both varieties performing well. Boll numbers were high (above 160 bolls/m) and boll weight was also very good. Average boll weights are normally around 2.2 grams per boll.

Figure 1: Merah North CSD Trial

Variety Yield/ha Yield/ac Turnout Grams/boll % of Control
Sicot 748B3F15.146.1340.0%2.4101%
Sicot 746B3F15.056.0943.0%2.2100%
CSX 3379B3F14.655.9341.0%2.197%
Sicot 714B3F14.125.7239.2%2.294%

Figure 2: Wee Waa CSD Trial

Variety Yield/ha Yield/ac Turnout Grams/boll % of Sicot 746B3F
Sicot 746B3F15.536.2942.4%2.43100%
Sicot 748B3F15.336.2141.1%2.3699%
CSX 3379B3F14.866.0241.1%2.0196%
Sicot 714B3F14.545.8939.1%2.1494%

Where water was tight or stretched and plant stress occurred this season, Sicot 746B3F didn’t perform as well in some of the trials. The Miralwyn trial at Walgett highlighted this, where the trial was two waters short, but still yielded OK; however Sicot 746B3F didn’t yield as well as the other varieties in the trial.

Figure 3: Walgett CSD Trial

Variety Yield/ha Yield/ac Turnout Grams/boll % of Sicot 746B3F
Sicot 748B3F10.984.4541.4%2.1115%
Sicot 714B3F10.944.4340.3%2.1115%
CSX 3379B3F10.344.1941.6%1.8108%
Sicot 746B3F9.543.8643.8%2.1100%

Similar results have been seen at Bourke with Sicot 746B3F over the last two seasons, which have been very hot. At this early stage, these results would suggest that this variety is more suited to the eastern and central growing districts rather than the western regions of NSW.

On another note Rob Eveleigh, long time CSD Extension and Development Agronomist finished up after 21 years of service in the company in April. Rob’s long term commitment to improving outcomes for growers with CSD varieties has been rewarded in being nominated for the CSD Researcher of Year Award which will be decided at the Australian Cotton Conference in August. Rob’s passion is for farming in general and that’s what he now intends to do full-time.

CSD would like thank Rob for his service to not only the company, but to growers across the Namoi Valley. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

By Bob Ford, Extension and Development Agronomist – Namoi Valley.